Product Lineup

Industrial Furnaces

TKM Series


  • Shortens total lead time by 20%.
  • Saves energy by using high-efficiency regeneration gas burners.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by more than 30% to improve environmental performance.
  • Significantly reduces furnace body surface temperature by using a new heat-insulated structure.

U-TGRT Series


  • Ultra energy-saving: Reduces energy costs by approximately 70%.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions per unit weight by approximately 70%.
  • Shortens the furnace lead time by approximately 30%.
  • Space-saving design reduces installation area requirements by approximately 40%

S-TKM Series


  • Compact and slim continuous furnace designed to save space.
  • Demonstrates productivity that is approximately three times that of conventional batch type furnaces.
  • Significantly reduces energy costs.

Roller Hearth Type Furnace


Roller Hearth Type Continuous High-temperature Carburizing and Quenching Furnace

  • Use of large-capacity regeneration gas burners provides the ability to rapidly raise temperatures.
  • Use of a large-airflow diffusing fan minimizes ¬†temperature distribution.
  • Shortens carburizing time to significantly reduce treatment costs.

Hybrid Continuous Furnace


Hybrid Type Continuous Gas Carburizing Furnace

  • Uses a tray pusher system and a roller hearth system together.
  • Reduces energy costs by approximately 40% through use of high-efficiency regeneration gas burners.
  • Decreases CO2 emissions per unit weight by approximately 30%

Sooting-free Gas Generator


Sooting-free Endothermic Gas Generator

  • Heating by using swirl flow type regeneration gas burners significantly reduces production costs of converted gas.
  • New mechanisms such as double-path type retort, pulseless blower, and a special heating system are employed.
  • Electrical heating gas generators that can be installed in the same sized area as those of gas heating type gas generators are available.

Furnace Related Products

Plasma Nitriding Furnace


We have uniquely developed this plasma nitriding furnace with a built-in heater. It has many characteristics that are superior to those of conventional ion nitriding furnaces. Since it is possible to control the temperature zone, uniform temperature distribution is obtained. This enables uniform bulk treatment and consolidated treatment of any products to be carried out.

Alkali Hot-water Washer


This washer has a two-tank structure consisting of an alkali and hot water tank. Workpieces contaminated with cutting oil/coolant and quenching oil are immersed in the alkali tank and are alkali sprayed. Then, the workpieces are sprayed with hot water (as rinse) in the hot water tank, and then air blown to remove droplets. After that, the workpieces are dried in a drying furnace using a sheath heater.

Aluminum Alloy Heat Treatment Equipment


Aluminum solution heat treatment is a combination of solution , quenching, and aging treatments. This treatment precipitates and hardens aluminum alloy and provides it with superior mechanical properties.

Infrared Analyzer


This analyzer measures and records concentrations of CO2, CH4, and NH3 gases in the furnace atmosphere, which enables the furnace atmosphere to be precisely controlled. The analyzer can record measurements obtained at multiple points and control the furnace atmosphere.

Vacuum Degreasing and Sintering Furnace


Continuous treatment from degreasing to sintering significantly increases the yield ratio. Degreasing time is considerably shortened by high vacuum dividing. This vacuum degreasing and sintering furnace uses a special gas inflow system and dedicated retort boxes to increasing degreasing capacity.

Carbon Potential Meter

This meter can directly measure the carbon concentration in the atmosphere gas that is used for heat treatment (carburizing, thermal refining, etc.) of steel. This highly advanced measuring equipment is both accurate and easy to operate.