About Us

DOWA THT AMERICA, INC. offers our customers a state of the art heat treatment environment, with fully automated programmable carburizing and nitriding furnaces, along with a skilled and dedicated labor force. Treated parts are tested daily in our laboratory to ensure specified hardness requirements and guarantee consistent results. DOWA is committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations regarding quality, cost and delivery. Furthermore, our excellent transportation location at the junction of I-75 and I-80/90 allows for quick deliveries anywhere in the Midwest.

In order to support customers’ business expansion and the evolution of manufacturing, we are determined to continue our efforts to establish and maintain a total support system for heat treatment technologies.

Heat treatment technologies provide metals with new characteristics and capabilities. Even now, these technologies, which have been driving the progress of civilization, are the foundation of manufacturing and support our affluent and comfortable lifestyles. DOWA THERMOTECH CO., LTD. has been engaged in heat treatment technologies for more than half a century. As an industrial furnace manufacturer and expert in heat treatment processing, we have been meeting customers’ needs that have become more diversified and sophisticated as each year passes. We are now steadily expanding our business by taking advantage of our total support system that covers development/manufacture, sales, and maintenance. We are determined to continue our efforts to support customers’ business expansion and the evolution of manufacturing by providing “ONE STOP SOLUTIONS” for heat treatment technologies.