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To provide excellence in service to our customers worldwide, as the leader in heat treatment and industrial furnaces.


DOWA THT AMERICA, INC. offers our customers a state of the art heat treatment environment where treated parts are tested daily in our laboratory to ensure specified hardness requirements and guarantee consistent results. When DOWA was founded in Japan in 1884, our founders made a commitment to exceed our customer’s expectations regarding quality, cost and delivery.

Our heat treatment location in Bowling Green opened in 1997 to establish and maintain a total support system for heat treatment technologies. As an industrial furnace manufacturer and expert in heat treatment processing, we support our customers’ business expansion and the evolution of manufacturing by providing one-stop solutions for heat treatment technologies.


Heat Treatment Processing

We provide over 20 types of surface treatment services which include carburizing process to improve the wear resistance of metal surfaces, and gas soft-nitriding to enhance the fatigue endurance of metals.

Industrial Furnaces

From design and construction to maintenance, we provide carburizing furnaces and gas soft-nitriding furnaces products, providing global support at various phases of the project.


“Strive to be the best, no matter what the test!”


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